The PPMSSL will continue to follow NSA rules and guidlines with the exceptions listed in the rules section.


The Sunday league entry fee of $750 includes the following items.

1. A minimum 20 games schedule played on Sundays.  The season is scheduled as 10 weeks.  Most weeks are scheduled double-headers.

2. All teams qualify for sectional playoffs.  

3. First 20 teams that are paid in full are eligible to participate in the pre-season tournament.

4. NSA team sanction, access to league website, NSA rule book, score book, 16 balls.

5. Discounted pre-season NSA Intra-league tournament.

6. *New for 2017, bases are provided for all games.


**The field permits are from April through August.  The season is scheduled for 10 weeks but weather can cause delays and extend the season.  All efforts will be made to play all games and playoff tournaments. 


Tournaments and playoffs

 1. Pre-season tournament

No entry fee

Umpires are volunteers. We do not rely on the regular umpire crew for this tournament.  

Double elimination tournament

Played on Saturday and Sunday second weekend of April, weather permitting.

2. Playoffs

All teams in good standing are eligible.

Double elimination tournament played on Sundays and can be splits over several days.

Playoffs are seeded by regular season standings.  Better record is the better seeded team.

Playoff games are 1-1 count. 


All teams and players have the responsibilities.

1. Follow and abide by all NSA and league rules. 

2. Pay the umpires as expected.  Each is to pay $17.50 per game.